Time, reflection
Shadows to move in
Casting Shadows
Shadow under the cross
In the shadow of the table
In the bushveld light
In a corn field, on the other side of the world
My side of the world: Obama visiting and Madiba slowly moving on.
Thinking about Mandela and his example of peace, equality and reconciliation
Switch off Mandela's life support?!?
This one took me a while to find a response...and really, there are still no words. Just praying for peace and for light.
There is a thin line between honoring and exploiting. Mandela day 18 July.
The thin line between useful and obsolete, between fear and engagement
Real or fantasy...snow or rain... Car wash or a floating module in another world...
Steam on the asphalt after the storm
Mist on a cold winters morning.
First morning light in downtown Minneapolis. Light reflected and falling on the still shadowed street.
Last light in the bushveld. Buffaloes walking the dusty bush streets.
Caribou conversation...some where between real and artificial...Bell Museum diorama
Monologue...sculpture studio University of Pretoria
A lone figure...interestingly similar to one of the sculptures at the Voortrekker monument.
Dawn after a great get together.
A gathering at the orchard to celebrate little Allie's 4th year. Bright and crisp.
A visitor flown in with the wind from the first summer rains.
A colleague, a dark blue gingham shirt, a sunset.
Friends, witnesses at an exhibition agains human trafficking.
Columbus Day, a national holiday and a day that is complex. It was the discovery of an already inhabited new world.
Loss and destruction, progress and prosperity
We traveled to New Ulm today. A town full of history, monuments and markers referencing the 1862 US Dakota War.
Shifting baseline syndrome: West African Black Rhino has officially been declared extinct.
The great horned owl was heavily hunted and endangered until the practice was outlawed in the mid-twentieth century.
My vantage point on my way to work
First light after the first heavy winter storm. Taken the morning after Nelson Mandela passed away. Thinking about you and your country today as the news is filled with stories of South Africa.
'Hamba kahle Tata' - Go well Father. The headline on one of our newspapers. Today the memorial service of Nelson Mandela.
Memorial service for Mandela today in St. Paul. We lit a candle for him and for the legacy of change and reconciliation he leaves behind.
A beautiful African sunset. Peaceful and hopeful.
Christmas Eve: frosty, merry and bright
Ending 2013 in proper South African style: sunny with slight chance of afternoon showers.
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